Hometels. If you’ve never heard of them, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just a typo. But it’s not. Hometels are a modern innovation. They offer inhabitants a new level of convenience, community, accessibility while being an environmentally-friendly alternative. Often equipped with offices, restaurants, bars, a gym, and more, they diminish the need for residents to commute anywhere throughout their day. And, this revolution, as a whole, represents the most disruptive concept in home rentals and real estate since Airbnb.

What is a Hometel?

Like many, you might not yet be familiar with this novel concept. A hometel is a hotel-meets-home. Imagine all the…

Lessons on learning, growing, and not driving your team crazy.

You finally have that one grand idea to bring in a lot of money. For those wanting to start a business, it’s a logical first step — but the associated income isn’t quite a guarantee. There are several things that you have to consider before you can leap into the world of business. Scaling up effectively is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself as a business owner.

Build a Brand Identity

There’s no point in discussing scaling up if we don’t establish some ways to build business in the first place. When challenged to build a strategy toward their success…

In my years managing the multiple branches of my companies, I’ve learned that there’s more to making your business profitable than just having a great product or service. While those factors are important, understanding your employees’ needs, setting the right processes in place, and tweaking your business as needed are all part of driving your organisation towards being successful.

If you want to get your business out of the red and into the black, you need to streamline it, making it more efficient and effective. …

I got my first big break in business when I was 19, becoming the youngest financial advisor in Britain while working for Allied Dunbar. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to have found two companies and employ hundreds of people. Without a doubt, the hardest part of my job is switching off, and that’s where football comes in.

Football was part of my life — a big part — since before I can even remember, and I played competitively until age 30. Since then, I’ve gone from player to manager, which means that even my hobby now involves a lot…

Gary Forrest

Chairman of The High Street Group, Gary has over 30 years’ experience in financial services and investments.

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